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Meet girls in London for free at bus stops (Bus Stop Game)

Now in my opinion meeting girls in London in public can be done well at bus stops.

It’s one of the places people overlook.

The benefits are turnover: number of girls you see within an amount of time that you fancy, and flexibility: different times of days you can meet girls because different bus stops will be busy at different times of day.

If you approach girls at places such as colleges, work and through friends you have to deal with the possibly of seeing that girl over and over again in the future if she rejects you. Awkward.

Approaching women in public reduces the chances of this happening significantly, giving women a disposable quality because you can meet them, get rejected and/or make mistakes without suffering any long term consequences.

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Bus stops are less competitive than bars or nightclubs, you’re sober so women will make more rational decisions and not forget about you the next day if she’s interested.

Ideally go to a bus stop where there’s at least 2 buses stopping, so you don’t seem unusual just standing a bus stop.

You can go to a bus stop just to meet women or meet girls at a bus stop whilst going somewhere.

It’s your choice and you can do both.

If you like, make things easier for yourself by thinking about the best way to approach; positioning yourself so that other people can’t see you or even listen to the conversation if that concerns you.

Don’t assume that just because people notice you they are actually paying attention to your actions, they’re probably not.

Simply approach the girl you like and say “I think you’re very beautiful”.

If she responds well ask for her name, then her number.

If she responds badly simply move away from her and pretend to wait for the bus, she’ll be gone soon and you can talk to other girls.

If you can tell when girls like you only approach the ones who are interested as this can be more efficient. You will be wrong sometimes because no one is perfect so relax and on this basis you can aim for 25% success rate for example so you can be wrong 75% of the time.

Aim to approach 4 girls an hour per day, 20 days per month. So 80 girls per month, you could get 28 mobile numbers and 20 of those girls who gave numbers to actually keep in touch.

If you can’t tell if girls like you try aiming to approach 10 girls per hour for just 1 hour per day and make records of these things: number of approaches, amount of numbers and how many girls actually keep in touch.

If you have questions feel free to ask.

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  1. ibn-adam says


    At the end of the day, what’s the point… is the end point to simply sleep with as many girls as you can… contribute to the growing filth in society or to spread Aids and other diseases?!

    Men who want to sleep with women are no different than prostitution… except in this, the women is simply used and abused, then thrown back on the street for the next filthy guy.
    It’s interesting how society, television, media, papers, etc, portray this as women being given independence and rights and liberation… when in fact women are being used and abused just for sex or the sexualisation of society through pictures, adverts, music, etc.
    It’s all a big illusion by the grand deceiver.

    At the end of the day… as you get older, generally intelligent people become wiser and start realising a few facts.

    There’s a simple reason why society is breaking apart and things becoming worse.
    There’s a simple reason why there’s an epidemic of rape and teenage pregnancies.
    There’s a simple reason why depression and suicide is increasing.
    As you get older and older, is this the type of society in which you want to live?!
    Will such a society care about “old folks”?!

    As you get older, you’ll want to settle down, just like most women would like to settle down with a good guy… settling down means, holding a good job, supporting you and your partner and family financially… and of course, marriage and children.

    Women and Children require stability… without that, not only does the family break apart badly, but it breaks the society apart quite badly and thus contributes to the growing “broken Britain” epedemic – just visit any family court in UK and speak to the judges!

    Broken Britain / broken society means, children growing up in benefits and possibly a life of crime, it means depression, it means anti-social behaviour, it means alcoholism, it means teenage pregnancies, it means an un-safe society for everyone, etc, etc.

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