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Is She Attracted To Me: Invest

Sometimes in this world it can be very hard to tell if a girl actually likes you as opposed to attention seeking.

1 of the ways to tell would be to get her to invest her time, effort or money etc on you.

Your aim isn’t to deceive her into doing these things.

Your aim is to do certain things and gauge her interest in you based on how she responds to those actions.

For example if you see a girl across the street catch eye contact and signal for her to come over, rather than actually crossing the road yourself to approach.

If she’s not interested in you she’s unlikely to cross the road just to have a conversation with you and then reject you.

She will probably just pretend she didn’t notice you or just shake her head and continue walking.

Text, rather than call her because it takes some effort for her to reply to texts so she won’t reply or eventually she’ll stop replying to your texts if she’s not interested in you because she feels you’re not worth the effort.

This is not fool proof but generally doing these things with most girls you meet, for several months, will enable you to weed out many girls who dislike you but wouldn’t, or didn’t for whatever reason, tell you.

This should save you time in the long run.

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Why Girls Lead Men On

In many parts of the world women’s looks are celebrated, derided, praised, appeased etc.

This means that women become conditioned, by themselves and others, to feel that that being considered attractive is important therefore they value it.

Being fancied makes girls feel good about themselves, it reminds them that they are attractive and for you as a man, or woman, to show her you fancy her doesn’t actually require an approach.

She just has to get you to look at her, in a nice way, for a while and once this is done she goes back to pretending like you don’t exist, or like you was the one paying attention to her first.

She doesn’t care about doing this to men in general because the actual person who likes her is not important; it just has to be any human being.

Girls are very aware that you probably don’t want to be caught looking at her, so by trying to catch your attention successfully she has more proof you like her.

Also you’ll feel more comfortable because you think she’s OK with you watching her or maybe likes you but most of the time she does this for her benefit, not yours.

If you can learn to deal with this, in several ways, it can help you to prevent the frustration and feeling like you’ve be lead on every time you see a pretty lady who wants you to notice her.

Until the next time,

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How to Avoid Getting Fake Phone Numbers from Girls

I know what you’re going through.

The times when you’re having a “nice” conversation with a beautiful girl that you really like.

You ask for her number, she agrees, and you’re telling yourself that you won’t do anything to mess this up and you are so excited to get to know this girl better.

You say Thanks, she says OK, and you say “have a nice day” and go home wondering what to say to her when you call and what you’ll do together the next time you see her.

You’ve spent hours in your mind building up this situation.

And then it happens…

You call her and you hear the message saying “you’ve reached an incorrect number”

This can’t be the case.

So you call again and you hear the same message.

You try a couple more times and you keeping hearing the same message.

What could have happened?

Could you have typed her number in your phone wrong?


You know you typed it in correctly and she even confirmed it.

So what gives?

Why did she give you a fake number!

That’s not the point of me writing this.

My only intention is to tell you to avoid getting the fake number in the first place; thereby saving all that time you spent worrying about her when she was never interested.

Why wasn’t she interested?

Again, that’s not the point of me writing this.

So here it is…

To avoid getting a fake number simply ask the girl to call your phone instead of asking her for her number and when she calls you her real number will show up on your phone, preventing you having a fake, or indeed just an incorrect number in your phone.

If she refuses to call your phone she is probably not interested in you.

But maybe she has no credit? Maybe she wants to get to know me better first before giving out her number?


Of course it’s possible, but it’s also possible a girl could give you her real number and then lose her phone the same day so she never answers your calls.

See where I’m getting at, it’s possible, just not likely.

So follow this tip and avoid time wasting, depressing, fake numbers from girls so you can have more time doing whatever it is you enjoy.

Until the next time,

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Sign The Petition (The Pachamama Alliance)

This organization is tirelessly fighting for the rights of the local people to not have their land stolen and used for corrupt & immoral purposes by big business.

Show your support and you can help change things!

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Shortest Day of the Year (Winter Solstice)

This day, December 21st or 22nd, is typically considered to be the shortest day because the sun is at it’s southernmost point in the sky.

Long nights, little daytime means it’s not much to celebrate but it is close to Christmas I suppose, if you care about that.

I hope you all enjoy this once in a year day and here’s your chance to let the people know what you think.


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The Biggest Scam In History: Don’t Be Fooled

Just watch this and in 30 minutes your whole perspective on live could change.

You can thank me later.

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Islamic New Year 2013

Islamic New Year starts on the 5th November 2013.

This day is celebrated by hundreds of millions of people every year.

It marks the start of the Islamic calendar year and days typically start at sunset.

What do you think about this day?

Let me know.

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When Is Trafalgar Day in UK 2013

Trafalgar Day takes place on the 21st October.

This day is designed to celebrate the Royal Navy victory over the French and Spanish in 1805.

I’m not a fan of wars in general.

What do you think about this day?

Let me know.

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When is Father’s Day in UK 2013

In the United Kingdom father’s day can often be overlooked by Mother’s Day or even forgotten completely.

Many fathers would probably be grateful if their families acknowledged the occasion and possibly even treated them to a day on the sofa where they can relax, or maybe even bought them a gift or 2.

If you have, or know, a father you can make a difference this year.

Fathers Day in the United Kingdom in 2013 is:   Sunday 16th June 2013.

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Meet girls in London for free at bus stops (Bus Stop Game)

Now in my opinion meeting girls in London in public can be done well at bus stops.

It’s one of the places people overlook.

The benefits are turnover: number of girls you see within an amount of time that you fancy, and flexibility: different times of days you can meet girls because different bus stops will be busy at different times of day.

If you approach girls at places such as colleges, work and through friends you have to deal with the possibly of seeing that girl over and over again in the future if she rejects you. Awkward.

Approaching women in public reduces the chances of this happening significantly, giving women a disposable quality because you can meet them, get rejected and/or make mistakes without suffering any long term consequences.

Bus stops are less competitive than bars & nightclubs, you’re sober so women will make more rational decisions and not forget about you the next day if she’s interested.

Ideally go to a bus stop where there’s at least 2 buses stopping, so you don’t seem unusual just standing a bus stop.

You can go to a bus stop just to meet women or meet girls at a bus stop whilst going somewhere.

It’s your choice and you can do both.

If you like, make things easier for yourself by thinking about the best way to approach; positioning yourself so that other people can’t see you or even listen to the conversation if that concerns you.

Don’t assume that just because people notice you they are actually paying attention to your actions, they’re probably not.

Simply approach the girl you like and say “I think you’re very beautiful”.

If she responds well ask for her name, then her number.

If she responds badly simply move away from her and pretend to wait for the bus, she’ll be gone soon and you can talk to other girls.

If you can tell when girls like you only approach the ones who are interested as this can be more efficient. You will be wrong sometimes because no one is perfect so relax and on this basis you can aim for 25% success rate for example so you can be wrong 75% of the time.

Aim to approach 4 girls an hour per day, 20 days per month. So 80 girls per month, you could get 28 mobile numbers and 20 of those girls who gave numbers to actually keep in touch.

If you can’t tell if girls like you try aiming to approach 10 girls per hour for just 1 hour per day and make records of these things: number of approaches, amount of numbers and how many girls actually keep in touch.

If you have questions feel free to ask.

Would you like me to help you personally get results with women, by Skype or in person (if you’re in London, United Kingdom) for affordable rates? If so contact me.

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